Over the last year we have all become familiar with the ‘new normal’ way of working. From setting up home offices, juggling home schooling and coming to terms with the reality that as social creatures we actually miss seeing other people, it has been a bumpy ride for many.

Let’s not forget individuals that started new roles and the brand new teams that have formed during lockdown who have only spent time together virtually.

Now we are considering what ‘back to normal’ will look like for our teams and our organisations the phrase ‘build back better’ comes to mind. There is no back to normal, even if everything stays the same we have to accept that our team dynamics have changed and what our teams needed before may not be what they need now.

Recent changes mean there is room for realignment, team building and understanding team dynamics to enable organisations to perform at their best and to protect the wellbeing of those that work alongside them.

How different will your ‘back to normal’ be and how will you give your teams space to reconnect and rebuild relationships in yet another transition which will come with the end of lockdown? Read More


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