Community Ambassadors 

**Coming Soon**

Our Community Ambassadors programme is part of our Leading in Leicester and Leicestershire and Reaching People project. This programme is for individuals working amongst the community or in the voluntary/charitable sector. 

Start Date: TBC (6 week programme on a Wednesday morning)
Eligibility Criteria: Anyone from VCSE (in paid or unpaid work)
Availability: Limited spaces available
Price: Free
Format: Online

This programme provides an introduction to:

• Self-awareness
• Well-being
• Building Confidence
• Communication Skills
• What is Leadership
• Time Management and Effective Prioritising
• The Importance of Building Partnerships

Session Outcomes

Soft Skills in Leadership Impact of Leadership on Wellbeing Introduction to Leadership
  • Understand and explain the importance of active listening skills
  • Practice and perform professional written and oral communication
  • Learn to evaluate and improve upon personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Describe how take ownership for personal growth and learning
  • Understand perseverance, demonstrate the determination and ability to bounce back from setback
  • Understand how to maintain a work life balance
  • Develop the knowledge to model leadership: having vision, being proactive and understanding others
  • Demonstrate knowledge of what it means to lead guided by the values of self-awareness, equity and empowerment
  • Promote collaborative working, understand the strengths of team members to delegate tasks effectively


Introduction to Small Project Planning
and Tracking Progress
 Understanding Partnerships and Stakeholders Time Management (planning/organising time/workload)
  • Develop an understanding of the project lifecycle, mapping each stage of the cycle
  • Learn to use data for improvement and give feedback
  • Develop knowledge on planning, monitoring progress and reporting against set targets using data for improvement and feedback
  • Develop an understanding and clarify roles of stakeholders and partners when delivering a project
  • Identify common goals and manage expectations when developing partnerships and working with stakeholders
  • Develop effective strategies to work and communicate with partners and stakeholders to achieve specific goals
  • Understand the importance of time management
  • Establish priorities based on values and goals
  • Identify at least 2 resources to manage time
  • Demonstrate self-management by setting reasonable boundaries

This programme is for individuals involved with their local community or supporting local services as a volunteer or paid employee, such as, someone working at grassroots level who wants to get to know the sector, learn some core skills and make a positive impact on others.

If you are an organisation, then this programme would be great to include in your induction process or as a next step once someone has passed their probationary review.

If you have someone ready to take on more and become more self-aware of their own impact and that on others, then take a look at our Aspiring Leaders programme. If you have a training and development need for yourself or your organisation then please do get in touch, we would be happy to discuss these needs for you and recommend a programme that would be suitable.

To register your interest and be kept up to date with information regarding programme start date, please complete the application from here. If you would like further information please contact Shim Gooch.